This page provides the bulk download of raw data, figures, and scripts in flat files.


Gene lengths in the 15 species

Gene_Length_15_species.tar.gz (13M)


Scripts used to process the data and to plot

LongGeneDB_scripts.tar.gz (19K)


Gene lengths of orthologs and the plots

Long_Gene_list_orthologs_length.xls.gz  (124K)

Length_evolution_png.tar.gz   (75M)


Conservation of mouse long genes and the plots

Conservation_score_txt.tar.gz    (2.5G)

Conservation_png.tar.gz     (89M)

H3K4me3 values and the plots

H3K4me3_values_txt.tar.gz    (75M)

H3K4me3_png.tar.gz     (61M)


H3K4me1 values and the plots

H3K4me1_values_txt.tar.gz     (174M)

H3K4me1_png.tar.gz      (69M)


H3K27ac values and the plots

H3K27ac_values_txt.tar.gz     (117M)

H3K27ac_png.tar.gz    (70M)


Gene expression levels in different tissues and the plots

FPKM_merged_mENCODE_exonic_gene_Jerry.xls.gz   (2.1M)

Expression_png.tar.gz    (46M)


Higher order chromatin organization values and the plots

LongGene_HiC_corr.tar.gz    (244M)

HiC_png.tar.gz    (98M)


Single nuclear RNA-seq data and the plots

scRNA_Jerry_PTZ_SeuratObject_AftertSNE.rds.gz  (183M)    

single_cell_RNAseq_png.tar.gz    (117M)